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With environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors becoming pivotal for business growth, the next generation of family business leaders need to take a lead in building an ESG strategy and reimagining their family business’ success, according to a new study. NextGens should prepare themselves to be the future leaders who will fortify and develop the family legacy and support responsible business growth, PwC’s NextGen Survey 2022 – Asia-Pacific and Asean says.
27 Jun 2022
The world can remain locked into a costly, inefficient, polluting future that empowers only a handful of fossil fuel-rich countries, such as Russia. Or we can choose a green revolution of low-cost energy for all that keeps our future secure from pollution, global warming and dictators
24 Jun 2022
DBS has extended a green loan amounting to A$295 million (US$204.72 million) to Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC for the refinancing of Chifley Tower Sydney, a development certified for its sustainability in Sydney’s central business district.
22 Jun 2022
More senior management control, oversight part of growing global risk standardization trend
17 Jun 2022
Regularly tracking four alternative economic indicators would provide a very different view of comparative performance from the one that emerges from domestic product (GDP)-based analysis. And public awareness of this revised view of reality could well mobilize support for fundamental different policies at the national and international level
19 Jun 2022
Tumbling equity markets and greater regulatory and public scrutiny are subjecting previously fast-growing green investments to what may be their toughest stress test yet. As fears of recession increase, many believe that an industry based on the promise of making money while doing good may be facing a reckoning
17 Jun 2022
Focus on tech- and nature-based solutions, carbon ecosystem enablers
17 Jun 2022
US$2.65 billion facility, developer’s second such loan this year, more than four times oversubscribed
17 Jun 2022
As global temperatures increase, the world's dense, heavily paved urban jungles are increasingly being exposed to extreme heat, with their poorer inhabitants facing the greatest risks. Fortunately, the basic components of sustainable urban cooling are well known, and most are affordable.
18 Jun 2022
Despite market uncertainties and economic dislocations, the global market for green bonds exceeded most forecasts. Issuance of green bonds in emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs) more than doubled to a record US$95 billion last year, from US$41 billion in 2020, a new study finds. An additional US$64 billion of social, sustainability, and sustainability-linked bonds brought the total emerging market issuance of these bonds to US$159 billion in 2021, nearly triple the volume in the previous year, according to the Emerging Market Green Bonds Report 2021, published by Amundi and International Finance Corporation.
15 Jun 2022
Hanoi leader target climate-change finance of women-owned and -led businesses, SMEs
22 Jun 2022
Bryce Wan has a wealth of experience, expertise and leadership in UHNW client service
22 Jun 2022
Although US President Joe Biden has now identified inflation as his top economic-policy priority, his administration’s efforts to ameliorate the problem have been ineffective and even counterproductive. As if that weren’t bad enough, most of its recent actions run counter to its professed environmental and climate goals
22 Jun 2022